Health Neighborhoods: Improving Communities Across The Lifespan

Our Health Neighborhood improves the health, mental health and stability of our community by addressing and preventing trauma across the lifespan— and its transmission from generation to generation.

Trauma at the Root – In the last few decades, what we’ve learned about mental illness transforms how we can treat and prevent it: we know 50% arises before the age of 14, and 75% before the age of 24—and that abuse and neglect, especially from dysfunctional parent/caregiver relationships in early childhood are particularly pernicious, resulting in altered brain chemistry leading to lifelong medical and mental health problems including depression, addiction, cardio-pulmonary illness, homelessness, and suicide.

We know this maladaptive neurobiology can be “passed” from generation to generation, from traumatized caregiver–to then traumatized child, and on to subsequent generations. We also know that communities in which people are living with complex trauma, racial bias and economic hardship face substantially greater challenges.

Find out how we’re combatting this pernicious problem.