WIN Job Openings


What is the Westside Infant-Family Network (WIN)?

The Westside Infant-Family Network (WIN), is an award-winning early childhood mental health program providing in-home therapy to young children and their families, coordinating a nest of cross-agency health, housing, food and educational supports for families through our agency partners, and striving to model how integrated health, mental health, core supports and wellness can help community transformation. We ensure young children and families get the help they need to overcome generations of abuse, neglect, educational and relational issues for a lifetime of success and wellbeing that they can pass on to their children. Harvard University chose us as one of a handful of programs nationwide to advise their Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) initiative, an effort to achieve breakthrough outcomes for children worldwide. We’ve always valued innovation, effort and outcomes.

WIN was recently awarded a $16M, 4-year LA County Department of Mental Health Innovations 2 (INN2), Building Trauma Resilient Communities contract serving the west-central area of Shelia Kuehl and Mark Ridley Thomas’ districts (BOS2 & 3). Using WIN’s award-winning cross-agency model, INN2 funds will allow us to build an expanded, trauma-resilient community, supported by a cross-sector network of agencies to identify and address trauma and mental health issues more broadly and earlier, provide more integrated care for families facing trauma, and better prevent trauma transmission from one generation to the next.