Our 2017 12-Month Outcomes are here!

And what a year it has been!

  • We moved to an interim home–and then to permanent offices in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles, serving families who are facing some of the most substantial challenges in LA;
  • We’ve just received a grant from Harvard University to explore broad distribution of Ready4Routines, the curriculum we created with our Frontiers of Innovation Workgroup at Harvard to increase parent engagement;
  • We launched the first Health Neighborhood on the Westside to address family trauma before it harms the next generation–and are bringing  together 12 organizations to transform the way we care for families.

All of these efforts serve our primary goal to ensure children and families get the seamless mental health, health and life basics–like food and housing–they need to help their children thrive. Our 2017 Outcomes tell that story:

  • We’ve seen 83% improvement in child development outcomes;
  • 83% children and parents have measurably improved their relationships;
  • Training, case management and service linkages are outstanding;
  • However, since the 2016 election and parents’ increased fear of deportation at school, home and workplaces, we’ve seen parental stress and depression spike.  We continue to support families through the uncertainly by connecting them with legal resources and contingency planning for care of their citizen children.

Finally, the number of families waiting for WIN care continues to grow.  Currently, 11 families are waiting for WIN-quality care.  We are pushing to open closed public funding streams to expand to meet the demand.  In the meantime, we are thrilled to have the support of so many generous foundations and individuals to make our unparalleled care possible!  Our deepest thanks.