Case Study: A Healthy Bond

Long before her son arrived, Rosa was anxious. Having grown up with a father who was an addict, she felt as though she was a parent to everyone. Her siblings had long given up on their abusive father, but Rosa persisted, lending to her anxiety and stressful outlook on life. As soon as Daniel was born, she found herself unable to put him down. She imagined the worst happening to Daniel, and night and day, the two were inseparable. She was also concerned that he wasn’t hitting his developmental marks, as she began to compare him to his precocious cousin.

Rosa eventually had to return to work, but by that point, Daniel had become extremely attached and cried whenever she put him down. She could only soothe him by breastfeeding. Rosa was worn out from stress, sleepless nights and substantial weight loss. A home visitor from Venice Family Clinic suggested that she contact WIN.

Although Rosa was relieved that her WIN case manager would come to her home, she felt nervous. She’d never accepted this kind of help before. She always felt guilty when she would leave her son with her mom or sister. But she knew this was for the best and she connected with Judith, her case manager, immediately. Judith connected Rosa with childcare, and Kylie, their WIN therapist, helped her ease Daniel into saying good-bye to her for a few hours and being around other kids.

It was hard, but with each step she and Daniel made, she felt better. They started playing and reading together. As she worked with WIN, Rosa started to see herself as powerful, as someone who could make a better life for both of them. Her worries about her son’s suspected speech delay were relieved. And she started seeing Janet, her WIN individual therapist, to open a door she’d slammed shut long ago: the one that hid her own history of abuse and neglect. Today, Rosa and Daniel look like any other mom and toddler–only Rosa is confident that her past won’t be her son’s future.